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Multiple types of research have shown that Pakistan is the second country in the world where more than 70 percent of the milk is contaminated. The most common adulterant in Pakistan is water (73%) followed by detergent ( 32%) ,cane sugar(22%) ,caustic soda(20%) and rice flour(17%). One of the main advantage for the mal-practitioners is that their customer, the common man has no knowledge to check or challenge them at all.

MTS is Pakistan’s first milk testing service recognized for its outstanding customer service, timely results and the overall integrity and quality of those results at your door step. Milk Testing Services (MTS) uses the latest technology to assure highest quality service in an economical way in your reach.Our equipment complies with the requirements of BDS EN 61010-1:2004, BDS EN 61010-2-081:2003+A1:2004, BDS EN 61326-1:2006.

Don’t take a chance on the health of your loved ones and feel free to contact us for the milk sample collection and results at your doorstep.

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We Test the Milk Quality

The cow and buffalo milk are the commonly used milk types in our households. We test the quality of milk which is sold in the market to the household consumers.

We Are the Pioneer Services Providers

We take pride in being the pioneer of the milk testing services being provided at your door steps. So far, no such service is available in Islamabad and outskirts.

We Care for Your Health

We are all set for launching the campaign of healthy and safe milk for everyone. We care for your health and well being.

Do You Want to Know How Safe and Healthy Milk Your Children Are Consuming?

Milk is an essential nutrition for the growing children for their health and well being. It is a healthy diet full of calcium and minerals required for the healthy bones. Unfortunately, the milk we consume is full of chemicals and other dangerous ingredients which may lead to diseases instead of protecting health of your children and family. Milk Testing Services collects milk samples and tests them in our laboratory to let you know the chemical composition of milk you consume at your household. You can book your order for milk testing online as well. We are just a click away.

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Our Packages

Milk Composition Analysis (MCA)

PKR 599

Solids-non-fat (SNF)
Added water
Milk sample temperature
Freezing point
Total solids

Milk Adulterting Testing (MAT)

PKR 599

Urea Test
Hydrogen peroxide Test
Sorbitol Test
Quaternary Ammonium Compounds Test (QAC)
Sodium Chloride Test
Carbonate (Neutralizers) Test
Boric Acid Test
Formalin Test
Hypochlorite Test
Starch Test
Detergent/Soap Test
Cane Sugar Test
Boric Acid Test

Microbilological Test

PKR 399

Keno™ Test